Yoga Journal Bootcamp Photo Shoot, NYC

Well, I'm back in NYC but this time for some yoga business with @yogajournal.

Here's some random pics of the photoshoot we all did for our websites, which is one of the main reasons we are here. Brand new website to be launched soon!!

Now I'm not a fan and I get nervous when lights and cameras on me and people telling to me "raise my chin," "shoulder down", "smile", "relax and breathe"....wait!! This sounds like a yoga class.

Well, it is over now and that means it's time to relax in the city before two full work days Thursday and Friday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!


Connie Holen

I'm a Digital Strategist + Squarespace Web Designer for yoga, fitness and wellness studios who need a strong brand presence both on-line and off. I specializes in creating clean, modern and easy-to-manage websites that cleanly integrate online scheduling software and are optimized for local search engine results.