Self-Care Experiment: Taking A Social Media Break


It’s been a while since my last blog post. My apologies. But I am here now because I am in the midst of an experiment that gave me more time to do the things I want to do - share self-care tips and techniques.

My job, my purpose, is to find easy or simple things anyone can do to help themselves relax yet I have been too busy wasting my time with something that I shouldn’t have given much of my time or energy.

(Wait! What did she just say? She’s been wasting her time?)

Yes, I have been wasting my time on social media. WAY TOO MUCH. Unknowingly, a few weeks ago, I began to increase my time checking social media, specifically Instagram, which came in about the time the algorithms adjusted where real-time posting seemed to go to the wayside. In turn, the likes, follows, comments dropped.

Anyone else notice this?

I certainly did and reacted in an unhealthy way. I started checking more, looking at my insights, and without notice, my emotional reactions turned to sadness.

Unconsciously, I felt that maybe I was boring people, perhaps not providing anything of value, maybe I didn't have good enough pictures, or lacked that secret ingredient to get attention. A truly vicious cycle of self-doubt. However, I didn’t recognize that it prompted me to be on it more.

It wasn't until I got notification of "screen time" on my iPhone this past Sunday that I had any clue of my recent time spent staring at my phone. This notification started popping up about the last six months or so and I usually checked it. Do you guys get it, too? However, I hadn't paid attention (apparently)recently as my screen time more than doubled in the last few weeks. YIKES.

I decided right then and there to take a break from social media.

Here's a little video where I am about two days into the experiment.

Have you ever taken a social media break? What happened?
Do you ever feel anxious or have negative emotions after being on social media?
What's your screen time this week? or Have you ever looked at your screen time average?
Do you think you are addicted to social media or any other app that keeps you looking at your phone?

UPDATE: I learned a lot from this experiment and adjusted some habits. Here is short video about what I learned: Results of Social Media Break -