HSP Sensitivities and Self-Care

It's a new year which means new things are happening and some changes are coming.

I've spent the last four years learning, developing, and implementing daily routines that have helped me live a very fulfilling and balanced life. With this knowledge and the education I've received, I created my practice so I can help others achieve routines of self-care that work for them be it massage, yoga or lessons in self-care.

Change can be hard even if it is something that will help. I know this because I avoided change for many, many years, and that did not serve me well which is how I ended up with an anxiety disorder that took me a long time to overcome. However, once I started slowly, keyword here, adding small increments of change instead of huge chunks, trying several styles and exploring what worked and what didn't, the right self-care routines made a radical change in my life.

And my thirst for knowledge on what can help others never ends.

Last fall I discovered something that completely blew my mind as I was researching anxiety and a category of people I serve who have a high percentage of anxiety disorders. So that led me to delve deep into this topic which I discuss in my first video below. Enjoy!