Look Within Without Judgment


Do you ever feel like everyone got a memo explaining how the world works on the day of their birth but somehow your's got lost on the way to the hospital?

For a long time, that's how I felt. And it took me most of my life to feel "normal" or that I fit in.

Often people have told me I'm cold or unfeeling. I must admit I am stoic at times not because I don't feel but because I feel too much. And I rather not be vulnerable in front of others.

All these thoughts and emotions swirl in my head constantly making life really hard at times. Luckily, I can spend time on my mat, look within without judgment. I just observe and recognize who I am. And that's the key.

Observe without judgment and life has a way of becoming clearer, understandable and you become able to unlock the mystery of you. Namaste