The Re-tune Program

Musicians and performers provide the world with their talents and time while also offering the rest of us a great resource for healing and growth. However, performing schedules and traveling may be a detriment to their mental and physical health.

So I’ve created a program that helps lower anxiety levels before and after touring and teaches self-care in order to reduce and alleviate the stress that comes along with this lifestyle.

A recent study discovered that about 71% of musicians currently experience or have suffered from an anxiety disorder and around 68% suffer from depression. (To learn more about effects of stress and anxiety, click here.)

Why is this happening in such larger numbers with this group? According to the study, life on the road has many downsides (see list below). Touring is physically and mentally tiring so it’s no wonder that anxiety and depression are so prevalent among musicians:

Poor or irregular sleeping patterns, insomnia / Anti-social working hours lead to feelings of isolation / Limited sources of nutritional foods /Away from loved ones and feeling alienated / Overly-scheduled days, weeks even months / Exhaustion or fatigue . Physical aches and pains from performing / Post-Performance Depression (PPD)

Also, musicians, along with many creative people, may also have a personality trait (Sensory Processing Sensitivity or HSP) that may make them more susceptible to anxiety. To learn more about creativity and sensitivities, click here.

All these effects sustained for long periods are traumatizing to the nervous system. Prolonged mental and physical stress can lead to anxiety and depression. Learning how to relax their minds and bodies is essential for a long and healthy career.

The Re-tune Program offers a variety of methods to learn self-care routines which re-balances the nervous system
by activating the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system which reduces stress hormone production while increasing relaxing and stabilizing hormones and chemicals which allow the mind and body to rest and repair - i.e. lowers heart rate & blood pressure, increases a sense of well-being and stability, encourages deeper sleep cycles, improves immunity response, etc…

Musicians and performers need to learn how to incorporate self-care into their lives during and after touring to “re-tune” their mind and body.

  • On site or in-office appointments

  • Video call self-care lessons

  • Workshops

  • Intensive Relaxation Programs also available

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