Yin Yoga Workshops & Training:

The workshops delve into the history of Yin Yoga starting with its roots in Martial Arts (Monkey Kung Fu).

  • Definition of Yin Yoga, the physical effects of the practice.
  • Overview of the Meridians (energy lines). 
  • Targeting the connective tissue in the body that increases flexibility.
  • Understand your anatomical uniqueness and how your body works within certain postures.

(Watch Here: An interview with Katy about the importance of yoga for martial arts practitioners)

Also available: Training for coaches and martial arts teachers to help their students learn more about their bodies, increase flexibility, avoid injuries and increase endurance.


Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to all active styles of exercise including a vinyasa yoga practice but also for martial arts practitioners and athletes. 


The passive style of Yoga targets areas of the body where people hold tension/stress in the body. Yin helps increase flexibility while keeping the breath flowing and the emotions balanced. Workshops for Martial Arts studios focus on the ability to remain focused, calm and with a clear, flowing breath during intense aspects of fights or competitions to give an emotional and physical advantage to the practitioner.

A 90-minute practice is included in the workshop and each participant will receive three sequences to practice at home focusing on different areas of the body and emotional aspects to help find balance in the body and mind. 

Note: Multiple workshops can be scheduled to go more in-depth on specific topics of Yin Yoga.

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