Yoga Lessons:

In-home, at a studio and Skype lessons - meet with me to work on increasing flexibility and strength and adding in breath control. Each session will focus on your needs with customized sequences.

A mixture of slow flow postures (Hatha) and passive postures (Yin Yoga) will help you increase mobility in your joints, lengthening muscles and gain strength. Hands-on assists, breaking down asanas (postures) for your anatomical uniqueness and guided breath-work will help reduce stress and decrease anxiety.

Private & Semi-private lessons available. Privates & Semi-privates locals only. Skype sessions for anyone anywhere in the world.

Yin Yoga:

A series of passive postures where you release muscle tension in order to target connective tissues in the body to help increase flexibility and aid in stress reduction and anxiety relief

Seated shapes are held for 3-5 minutes to allow the body to sink into a more relaxed state of mind and body while lengthening (or compressing) fascia.

Yin yoga focuses on meridians (energy lines in the body) to aid in creating balance in the mind and body.


  • Lessons are 60 minutes

  • Packages of 3 or more are available for discount. Please inquire. 

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