How yoga led to massage therapy. A calling.

Back in 2014, I got back into my yoga practice because I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. My life had taken many turns after my heart surgery which sent me down a path filled with anxiety and depression. I tried speaking with therapists and taking medication, but nothing helped all that much.

One day I decided to return to yoga. By the end of my first yoga practice, I felt relaxed, peaceful, and calm - something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I continued to explore holistic ways to restore my balance and sanity. First through yoga which led me to deepen my practice and created a space of contentment. Then I continued to learn more by becoming a yoga instructor and helping others find their relief.

Learning Thai Yoga Massage was a logical evolution as I found touch and the guidance it offered to others to delve deeper into a path of relaxation and facilitation of healing.

The power of touch became evident and I continued my thirst for knowledge of serving others and I received my state license in massage therapy. I've now dedicated my career to facilitating the natural healing powers people possess to find their path to relaxation and peace and break the cycle of physical and mental side effects of anxiety and stress. Whether it is an adult or adolescent or a special population of anxiety sufferers I work with, musicians and performers, I devote my time to helping those in need of restoration in mind and body.

Katy Kern, LMT, RYT

Experience & Qualifications:

  • Thai Bodywork Certification, Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage, Montreal, Quebec

  • Massage Therapy Cortiva Institute, King of Prussia, PA

  • CranioSacral Therapy The Upledger Institute

  • Classical Hatha Yoga 200-Hour YTT with East Eagle Yoga, Havertown, PA

  • Alignment-based Yoga 200-Hour YTT with Maha Yoga, Philadelphia, PA

  • Yin Yoga YTT Wake Up Yoga, Philadelphia, PA

  • Wall Vinyasa YTT Main Line Shala Yoga, Narberth, PA

  • The Roll Model Method with Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up

News Articles:

Lotus Palm Newsletter featuring Katy Kern's story

Having bodywork done by Katy has truly been an improvement to my physical and mental health.
Since having a few Thai massages, I've noticed that my body muscles are learning the memory of relaxation. In moments of stress where my body naturally tenses up, my mind notices that my muscles are uptight and my muscles are now quickly "dissolving" the tension and releasing into a relaxed state from what they've learned during the massages. It's an amazing feeling and the awareness of my body and it's tendencies has given me greater power to overcome stress. 

I've also had the pleasure of being one of Katy's yoga students, which has also aided in my mental health of being able to better focus, think, and live in the moment. Yin yoga, her specialty, has taught me how to better manage life's uncomfortable moments because I'm able to overcome the uneasiness that creeps up while engaging in yin yoga positions. My journey with Katy has really been life changing, and I'm very grateful for her personal interest in continued learning, because every new technique or practice that she learns, she ultimately passes along to her students for their benefit. 

Brittney K - Philadelphia, PA


Location: 107 Forrest Ave, #14 Narberth, PA 19072